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Intellihot i250 Gen II - i Series - Tankless Water Heating Systems

i250 Gen II
Intellihot i250 Gen II - i Series - Tankless Water Heating Systems

Intellihot i250 Gen II - i Series - Tankless Water Heating Systems   

With unparalleled performance and reliability, our Gen II i Series tankless water heaters are ideal for highly variable applications using potable hot water. Each unit is constructed for maximum durability – even in the most demanding commercial applications. 

  • i250 delivers 250,000 BTU/hr for light commercial applications

  • Decreases capital cost by up to 50% and reduces operational cost by up to 30% (compared to traditional tank-type systems)

  • Takes up no floor space


  • Revolutionary Heat Exchanger - Features our revolutionary 316L stainless steel heat exchanger that can withstand all thermal shocks and stresses and provinces superior corrosion and erosion resistance. 

  • Masterless Cascading - Cascades up to 10 units together and eliminates single-point failure without patented Masterless Cascading technology.

  • Efficient Burner - Features a radially fired, downward-blowing, premixed burner with a negative pressure gas valve and plenum design.

  • Self-Descaling - The patentedself-descaling design prevents lime-scale buildup. 

  • Eliminate Mixing Valves & Lower Legionella Risks - With no storage tanks, there’s a lower risk for Legionella growth. By eliminating the need for mixing valves, this feature also reduces their associated unreliability and costs.

  • Multiple Venting Configurations - Include concentric, snorkeling terminations in different pressure zones and single-pipe vents, with smart common venting. 

  • Numerous Levels of Built-in Safety Features - Prevent flue from back drafting, including fan speed.


  • Minimum Input (BTU/hr) - 30,000

  • Maximum Input (BTU/hr) - 250,000

  • Maximum Output (BTU/hr) - 240,000

  • Thermal Efficiency - 96%

  • Dimensions H x W x D (inches) - 26.2 x 17.7 x 15

  • Weight LBS - 93 LBS

  • Water Pressure Min/Max (PSI) - 30/150

  • Vent Size (Diameter) - 3"

  • NG/LP- (Maximum Static Gas Pressure Range) - 2.5" - 14" WC

  • Electrical (120V AC, 60Hz) - 120V AC, 60Hz

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SKU i250 Gen II
MPN i250 Gen II
Weight 125.000000
Manufacturer Intellihot
UPC 850007779658
Generic Product Category Tankless Water Heater
Voltage 120V
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